Baton Day:

Carrying the Officer Baton is a big Texas drill team tradition.  Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, the officers received their first batons.  The day that marks the first time the new officer line practices their strut with their batons is known as Baton Day. Talonette Officer hopefuls look forward to Baton Day with anticipation, especially since NO TALONETTES who are not dance officers are allowed to touch the batons.




Talonette "vets" are paired up with Talonette "newbies" in order to show them the Prosper Talonette Way. In addition to being a support system, sisters exchange small but meaningful gifts throughout the year at specified times.



Charm Day:

Charms are a wonderful way to commemorate special moments and achievements in life, so beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, Talonettes started receiving special charms to pay homage to milestones throughout the Talonette year. Charm Day happens during the last of week of pre-school practices and is when each Talonette receives her symbol charm that represents the current year's theme.  Newbies receive their charm holder on this day, and senior officers receive their special senior officer rings. Girls who have been on the squad for four years will have collected a treasure trove of charms that will spark fond memories for years to come. 



Officer Strut:

Choreographed by Former Director Kari Roan in 2014, the Officer Strut is set to "If My Friends Could See Me Now."  The Officer Strut takes elements from traditional drill team struts and adds a bit of Prosper Talonette flair. The dance officers perform their strut at the beginning of each football halftime performance and perform it for their final time as an officer line during the finale of the Spring Show.



Prayer Circle:

The Talonettes, led by the Chaplain or Officer, pray before each performance. They cross hands, point their right foot in and spin out in a ripple after the prayer is over.



Spring Show:

Spring Show is the final set of performances for the current Talonette line. Talonettes showcase their best routines during this event, and they often invite fellow PHS groups to participate. It is always a treat to have our little sisters---the Reynolds Eagle Darlings and the Rushing Royals---join us for a few spots in the show, too.  The most memorable moment of the Spring Show is the finale during which the dance officers perform their strut for the final time as an officer line, the line performs the Talonette farewell dance, all senior Talonettes hang up their hats, and all dance officers lay down their batons.